Faltsaits Museum

faltsaits museum

Established in 1964 and was one of the first local historical museums folk art. Embracing the history and culture of Skyros from the post-Byzantine period until today. The museum is in the house of Manos family and Anastasia Faltsaits, one of the largest families in the island. Dominates the north-eastern edge of the village and is built from the ruins of the old tower, the largest tower of the ancient wall of Skyros.

Aptly described by many as "the best small museum in the world", in which stressed inter alia the Skyrian home. A room renovated and decorated in the style of a traditional Skyros home, documents relating to the Greek revolution and rare private documents on the history of the island, dating from the 16th century and a unique collection of rare old books covering a period of five centuries. In addition there is a collection of agricultural tools and utensils from all over Greece and sculpture pieces by renowned Greek sculptors Lucia, and Nicholas and Helena Gorganti.

The latest addition to the museum is a gallery featuring a retrospective exhibition of paintings by founder Manos Faltaits museum. The museum is surrounded by extensive gardens hosting an open air theater and additional weaving looms gallery, traditional cheese making equipment and tools.
The museum shop offers a great variety of ceramic works, paintings and prints from the museum workshops.

Note that the museum is open daily from 10 am - 2 pm, and again from 6 pm - 9 am during the summer months.
Please call 22220 91232.
The highlight for many visitors staying in Skyros is the individual tour, in Greek and English language, from the friendly guide of the museum Mr. Manos Oikonomakis.
Manos Faltaits died in 2012 and the museum is being runned by his wife Anastasia Faltaits.


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