Aris Plateau

The Aris plateau is located high in the mountain of south Skyros, providing a unique shelter for goats, sheeps and mostly for some of the wild skyrian horses.  This rare horse breed you can find it only in Skyros and some years ago it was threatened to disappear.  In ancient years it was believed that these horses escorted Achilles to the Troy war. Also skyrian horses was portrayed on the marbles of Parthenon.

In the past Skyrian horse were used on the threshing floor during summer months, while in winter months they were free on the mountain of south Skyros.  After the industralisation of the farming industry the horses were not useful to the farmers and this is the starting point when the population deteriorated.

Nowadays the population has increased a lot thanks to the Katsarelias- Simpson project of maintaining the characteristics of the breed and increasing the population. Visitors can enjoy the beauty and friendliness of the Skyrian horse on the farm in Trachi area, north Skyros.
The temple which is located in Aris Plateau is believed that gave the name of the location because the temple was dedicated to ancient god Aris, the god of war. Was discovered by Manos Faltaits.

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